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The Worst Thing for Your Health…Do You Do this?

Think that if/when you eat right and exercise your health would be stellar?  Think again.

The Worst Thing for Your Health...Do You Do this? - What is EFT

In some ways it’s true, but there is a far more powerful thing affecting your health….that is how you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis.

Each time we have a thought or feeling our body immediately responds in a multitude of ways.  Chemical and electrical signals are constantly sent out that reflect our state of being.  For example when we feel a surge of stress the immune system is temporarily shut down as well as digestion,  and other restorative and building functions.

When you think “I am irritated and angry at him,”  your body will chemically and electrically match that and communicate to every organ, cell, and tissue of your body.

Since we all have over 60,000 thoughts per day what is basic theme?  I am so tired of the same old same old?  I can’t ever seem to get past this frustrating _______?  or  I feel amazing and empowered?

If you feel trapped in negative thoughts that constantly create negative feelings you are in pattern that is hard to change from the viewpoint of most doctors and even therapists!  Don’t even try to stop your thoughts as some will say you supposedly can do with meditation!  And if you have been trying to change your thoughts and feeling by utilizing the ‘power of positive thinking’ – good luck!

Please don’t get me wrong.  Meditation can be life changing but takes a great deal of time and practice.  Having positive thoughts can have value.  But when positive thinking is done with our intellectual mind we would be fooling ourselves to believe that we truly ‘feel’ different inside.  We may tell ourselves and everyone else everything is wonderful but if you are really honest you will realize you still feel _______(dis-empowered, angry, sad, hopeless, stuck, poor).

You must be able to get into the “operating system’ of your body-mind so you can re-program yourself to automatically think and feel differently.  In order to access your operating system you must be able to bypass your intellectual and critical mind and get to the Subconscious.   Is this possible????

YES!!!  It is possible and it is actually EASIER than you can imagine.

There is a technique that has been around for about 2 decades now called EFT.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in modern times to re-program ourselves for more money, better health, and more harmonious relationships.  The best part is you can do it without a therapist and it is very effective.  It is a combination Modern Psychology and tapping on Acupuncture points.

On February 22nd the Annual Tapping Summit is happening.  You can access it for free at this link….

Tapping Summit 2016

Each day it live streams 2 classes with interesting topics that immediately begin re-programming your mind and body as you learn.  It is fun, interesting and FREE!

We live in an amazing time where it has never been easier to re-make ourselves and create a life we can love.  You would be crazy not to sign up now!

Tapping Summit 2016



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