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Will You Get a Cold or Flu this Winter? 5 Ways to Avoid It!

Flu and Cold Sufferer? Boost Your Immune System

Avoid the Flu! – Boost Your Immune System!

Cold and Flu Season is Here!

Is Your Immune System Up for the Challenge?

Here in Frisco we are moving into the heart of winter.  Do you find yourself flinching when you hear your office-mate sneezing and complaining about how they feel awful?

Not everyone who is exposed to the cold or flu virus with become sick.  Why is this? 

A person will only get sick if their immune system can’t defend itself against a virus or bacteria.  It is interesting that our culture believes it is “normal” to get 1-2 colds a year.  Really?  Whether you get a simple cold a year or find yourself with multiple sinus infections or chest colds you could benefit from strengthening your immune system.

Check out these 5 Ways to build a bomb-proof immune system!

Get your lymph and immune system pumping!

We all love a hot shower to get cleaned up and refreshed.  You can use your shower as a way to boost your immune system.  At the end of a hot shower when your core is really warm, turn the water to cool for the last 15 -30 seconds.  Make sure you cover your body from head to toe with cool water for that short blast.  Surprisingly, (and this is coming from a person who hates feeling cold!) it is not uncomfortable.  The alternation of hot to cold causes a pumping action in your body stimulating your immune system.

Studies Show Acupuncture Boosts Immunity:

A study regarding acupuncture’s effect on boosting immunity took place from July through November of 2007. The study looked at the effects of acupuncture on the body’s natural killer cell response to strenuous exercise in endurance athletes. The results found that the basal activity in these cells, which are key to overall immune health, increased significantly in response to acupuncture treatments.

Studies have also shown that acupuncture helps the brain increase the body’s level of T-cells; cells which destroy bacteria and harmful viruses in the body.

Acupuncture is also deeply relaxing to the body/mind.  A course of acupuncture treatments can help retrain the body/mind to live in a more relaxed state.  Stress has been proven to lower immunity so I am sure you see the great value here.

Consume Fermented Foods:

Our gut holds 85% of our immune system! Recent research is validating the importance of a healthy balance of micro-organisms in our digestive systems.  Ancient wisdom in Chinese Medicine has always said that he digestive system is the foundation of health.

Fermented vegetables are Super Foods.  They are a much more powerful pro-biotic than a supplement could ever hope to be. You can purchase fermented veggies at health food stores but they are cost prohibitive.

Here’s a Great Option!!……Attend the class on how to Ferment Your Own Vegetables here in Frisco on the evening of December 15th.   You will see how easy, delicious and cost effective it is to do this.  Call 970-333-9027 for more information – the last class was fun!

Avoid or Greatly Minimize Sugar Intake:

When we consume sugar it suppresses our immune system for 6 hours afterwards!   Yes, I know the holidays are here and there is sugar everywhere.  Make it easier on yourself by filling up with healthy proteins, fats and green vegetables.  Don’t allow yourself to get overly hungry as that is when we are most tempted to grab that quick sugary thing.

Learn The Skill of Relaxation:

What?  Relaxation a skill?  Yes, true relaxation is a skill most of us in western culture never learned. We think we ‘relax’ by watching TV, reading a book or doing some other hobby.   Although we can use these as a distraction from life’s responsibilities they do not truly relax our body/mind.  Also common up here in Summit County is exercising to release stress.  Of course exercise is part of building a healthy immune system but it does not teach the body/mind to relax.

Why is it so important to learn to relax the body/mind?  Our thoughts run us all day long, have you ever tried to stop thinking?  Unfortunately vast majority of our thoughts are out of our awareness and are negative.  Negative thoughts even at a subconscious level cause our bodies to release the chemicals of stress (i.e. Cortisol, Adrenaline and Norepinephrine).  These stress chemicals lower our immunity.  Simple techniques like meditation train our minds to focus.  Focus has many benefits but for our purpose a major side effect is body/mind relaxation.

In my practice I frequently hear, “I am not good at meditation!”  In our culture it’s rare to be taught to meditate.  The truth is none of us are good at it!

Meditation is just a practice like any sport you learn.  There are many ways you can meditate – During my acupuncture sessions I love to teach meditation to patients who strongly desire a deeper level of vibrant health.  Other options are to do a Google search to learn about different techniques and how to do them.

Kathy Castrigno is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Frisco.  Immune challenges, anxiety or hormonal imbalances are Kathy’s specialty.  Aren’t you tired of feeling this way?  You can learn more by downloading her free EBook,   “How to Thrive in the Modern World,” a layperson’s guide to Chinese Medicine.

You can Kathy directly at 970-333-9027.




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