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Sinus Survival in Breckenridge and Frisco

Breckenridge Sinus and Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine Sinus Survival in Breckenridge and Frisco Colorado can be a huge challenge.

You know the head pain, face pressure, annoying congestion and fatigue all too well!  I have experienced them myself and I have felt claustrophobic in my own body!

Sinus problems up here tend to be much worse than other geographic areas for 2 reasons:

1) The dryness

2) The altitude.

Both factors intensify damage to nasal and sinus tissue making it very difficult to recover and set us up for repeating infections year after year.

People up here in Summit County can get so frustrated they run to the doctor for antibiotics. Studies have show however that antibiotics are usually ineffective and promote future sinus infections!

In the last 2 weeks there has been a big increase of people coming into Frisco Acupuncture with sinus infections!  I got inspired to share the 10 Most Important things to Stop your sinus infection and simultaneously prevent future sinus infections.  Some of these you may have heard of but I would be willing to bet you haven’t heard of or tried the others.

  • Diet

    Since you probably already know this I will make it short. Especially during a sinus infection vastly reduce or eliminate flour, gluten, dairy, too many starchy foods and sugar.  Add in more soups and easy to digest stews and other healthy cooked foods.

  • Rest and Sleep

    Obvious but necessary to allow your body space to recover.

  • Avoid Anti-biotics and OTC Nasal sprays like Afrin

    Anti-biotics weaken our immune system and Nasal sprays worsen damage to sinus tissues in a dry environment.  OTC nasal sprays can be habit forming too!

  • Neti-Pot with Alkalol

    Neti Pots are superior to saline nasal sprays since they gently & passively allow saline water to flow rather than force it. Neti pots clear away mucous that is filled with infection.  Adding a teaspoon of Alkalol (pine and eucalyptus) liquid really opens up passages.  Ask for alkalol at your pharmacy or buy online.

  • Acupuncture

    Here is what one of my patients had to say about acupuncture for her sinus infections:
    “As yet another one of my dreaded sinus infections threatened I thought of Frisco Acupuncture again. I experienced profound relief for the 1st time in decades.  The acupuncture treatments are painless and downright restful.” Janelle Kopp, Frisco, CO.

Acupuncture treats obnoxious symptoms and at the same time begins rebuilding the immune system.

  • Steam

    I recommend taking 2 showers per day during an acute or long lasting sinus infection.  Allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of relaxing in a longer than normal shower. This will open up the sinuses and lungs and calm the body speeding healing.  Leave off the fan in this case to maximize humidity to your nasal tissues.

  • Fluids

    Remember it’s very dry up here! I am amazed by how many people allow themselves to get dehydrated up here in Summit County!  Your body absolutely needs lots of fluid to clean the infection out!

  • Chinese herbal medicine

    There are amazing Chinese herbs that unblock stagnant sinuses, and release pain and discomfort without damaging sinus tissue. Chinese herbs also offer formulas to strongly boost the immune system to stop future infections.  Call me at 970-333-9027 to ask more.

  • Frustration and Resistance

    When we are sick we become very frustrated. This frustration is felt with strong emotion.  Emotions are a form of energy.  Frustration carries “Resistance” within it.  Acupuncture states that all disease is a form of stagnation which is very true with sinus infections.  The resistance frustration causes, worsens the length and intensity of a sinus infection.

    Here is a practice that has worked for me and many of my patients:  See if you can notice the frustration you are feeling.  As you begin to notice it take in an easy breath and see if you can consciously let go of this tension.  You can even say to yourself, “I know my body does its best to keep me healthy.  It must be I have been allowing myself to get out of balance.   I’m going to love myself enough to create space and time to heal.”

  • EFT Energy technique 

    EFT is a technique that deeply relaxes the body and can be directed to heal certain problems.    Here is a quick video where you can do this technique along with me to help with your infection.

If you do the above 10 things it is almost guaranteed you will recover much faster and give yourself the best chance possible stop future sinus infections in their tracks!

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