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Do You Have A Good Intuition? Find Out Here…

Do you wish you had a better intuition?

Do you find yourself wondering what it takes to fine tune your intuition?  The only real valuable thing is intuition - Albert Einstein

Often people in my clinic often lament how they wish they could get clear answers on what to do at important crossroads in their life.  They need answers to important questions in their life.

  • Should I move to that city?
  • Is he the right guy for me?
  • Should I stay in my job/marriage?
  • What do I need to do to get past these money problems?
  • How can I figure out the right career path to be fulfilled?

Truthfully, your intuition is always spot on!

In Fact there are 2 big reasons why we don’t seem to be able to ‘connect’ with our intuition.

Number One: You mistake what intuition actually is.

You think intuition is a voice or strong sign from the outside world that tells you what to do.

Intuition is actually a ‘gut’ level feeling.  We are averse to trusting our feelings since we are so stuck in our heads.  Feeling seems too irrational.  Therefore we blow off our feelings in search of a rational answer (usually an answer based on someone else’s beliefs we have adopted).  Actually, I guarantee you already have a good intuition.  You know when you feel excited vs feeling defeated about something! You know if you love your job or dread it!  That IS your intuition!  It comes from within us and it is right on!

Number 2: We think intuition gives us an answer that keeps us safe and secure.

We think intuition lays out the whole picture so we don’t have to be uncomfortable in the unknown.  Intuition can alert us to danger or safety in moment to moment situations.  But intuition is not for giving us life security in a world of “knowns.”   Intuition, if we have to the courage to listen, will guide us on the ‘breadcrumb trail’ to a life of greatness and adventure.  The ‘breadcrumb trail’ is what is interesting and fun to us.Excited baby

In life you can either follow your ingrained habit of seeking security which makes life boring and stale. OR you can pay attention and act on what gets you charged up!  The outside world will tell you to stop being so irresponsible.

I say the opposite is true.  Chasing security above all else is not responsible.  It is a path to feeling empty, disempowered, poor health and wondering what it’s all for.

Practice following your intuition with small decisions.  Perhaps you are asked to go to a social gathering.  Notice how it “hits” you.  Are you excited or tired at the thought?  Make your decision based on this.  Keep playing with it and develop your skill.

When you follow your intuition and take action based on it, forces we cannot see will come to your aid.  Go for it and watch a magic  of life become your partner!  People like you who are will to take a risk and live a creative life are badly needed in a world so ready for change!


One response to “Do You Have A Good Intuition? Find Out Here…”

  1. Gabi says:

    Absolutely love this Kathy!!!!!!! So true. So incredible. Thank you for laying out the unknown. Lots of love

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