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Menopausal Syndrome

I don’t know what happened. My body has seemingly betrayed me! Sure I have dealt with some PMS in the past but this is ridiculous! I heard this in my clinic recently from a woman who is moving from peri-menopause into menopause. (Peri-menopause is the years before menopause – sometimes up to 10+years, where there are noticeable shifts within a woman’s body)

Many women are amazed by the changes that occur. They can run the gamut from unpredictable mood swings and depression to sleep issues, increased weight gain, lowed libido, vaginal dryness and the list goes on. Of course we cannot forget the well-known hot flashes and night sweats! For decades the solution to these challenging life changes has been HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in all its forms. The problem here is many women are troubled by the ongoing studies warning that cancer may be a risk from these protocols.

There is another way! Even better there are many alternatives that are completely natural and non-hormonal but still work!

Chinese medicine and acupuncture have so much to offer for women going through menopause.

Since menopause symptoms are due to shifting hormone levels, acupuncture can be a life saver since it effectively and safely helps balance hormone levels. In addition acupuncture can help with things like sleep disorders, mental-emotional stress, depression and lowered libido to name a few. Some women who ride the fence between peri-menopause and menopause can continue to have very irregular or heavy periods which can be helped with acupuncture.

It’s common to see many women who have been stressed for many years. When they have been pushing too hard for too long, it wears on the system worsening menopause. That is why it is so important to learn new relaxation techniques and be willing to speak up when you need a break! Again acupuncture is one of the mostly deeply relaxing things you can do plus it retrains your body to stay that way over time. I make sure I spend enough time with my menopausal patients to teach them easy to learn emotional and stress relieving techniques to get them moving as quickly and solidly as possible toward relief.

In addition Chinese herbs can be a godsend.

There are many herbal formulas for peri- menopause and menopause but the diagnosis must be correct or they will not work. Make sure your acupuncturist is well trained in Chinese herbs as not all are. In most cases there is an aspect of the Kidney organ system becoming weak and out of balance. Still, is it focused on the yin, yang, or blood aspect of the Kidney?- or is the heart or liver involved- for example?

Here are some other important tips to help reduce symptoms of “the change.”

Make sure you get plenty of exercise and eat mostly organic greens, and proteins. It is also being found that including plenty of good fats in your diet is important. Good fats are olive oil, flax oil and fish oil. Surprisingly new research is also discussing the need to get plenty of omega 6 fats like avocado, coconut oil and coconut butter for better health. Make sure your omega 6 fats are not hydrogenated or processed as they become unhealthy.

For women who are completely frustrated by the stubborn weight gain around their middles – reduce or even better eliminate refined carbohydrates and sugar. Even putting too much emphasis on complex carbs (green veggies are an exception) will work against you. Insulin resistance becomes a problem for many and contributes to a whole host of health problems along with weight gain and menopausal syndrome.

Foods that seem to exacerbate hot flashes and night sweats are: spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine. Consider keeping a diary of foods so you can begin to make the connection to your worst offenders.

I hope you feel a renewed sense of optimism.

You don’t have to suffer with obnoxious symptoms that accompany this life change, nor do you have to do hormonal replacement therapy! Thanks to lifestyle shifts, acupuncture and Chinese herbs you can feel vibrant and healthy in this transitional time.

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