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Fatigue is a problem affecting more than 50% of Americans at some time in their lives.

More troubling is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which can destroy the quality of one’s life over the long term. Western medical treatments tend to rely on drug therapy. Since fatigue is often linked with depression, SSRIs pharmaceuticals (Paxil, Prozac or Wellbutrin) are prescribed. The side effects of these drugs can be unpleasant, creating even more health complaints.

Although the trend is beginning to change; lifestyle, diet and exercise counseling are often not even mentioned on a visit to a western medical doctor.

Alternative treatment options are many and acupuncture is at the top of the list.

Acupuncture can help boost the Vital Qi (energy) of the body. This Qi is what powers the physiological and neurological functioning. Other signs indicating Vital Qi is low are loose stools, easy bruising, excessive worry, frequent urination, low libido, lowered immunity, prolapse and frequent internal cold.

The 3 organ systems most commonly affected by fatigue are Spleen, Heart and Lungs. Each organ will have a different set of symptoms therefore requiring different treatment plans and herbal formulas. Consult with a qualified Chinese medical practitioner to make sure your issues are being addressed with laser accuracy.

Supplements generally can be helpful for fatigue are:

  • B Vitamins which boost Qi and Blood
  • Tyrosine- a precursor to nor epinephrine (often deficient in chronic fatigue)
  • 5HTP – a precursor to serotonin to support deeper sleep, weight loss and anxiety

I recommend exercise 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes this alone can alleviate fatigue. It may seem difficult to get out there when you are already tired but your body will love the serotonin boost and endorphin release experienced during exercise. A combination of cardiovascular and restorative exercise is best. Cardiovascular is biking, running, swimming and hiking. Restorative is yoga, qi gong, and gentle walking.

Another consideration: Are you leaking energy?

Fatigue can be caused from energy leaks in our lives. Some examples of this are; a bad marriage, a job we hate or a difficult person we have to deal with on a regular basis. We can feel depleted when we continuously put the needs of others first or we work beyond the point of exhaustion. Do you feel unworthy and try to fill the void by giving more than you have?

The first step in addressing any issues in this realm is acknowledging what is going on. Awareness of this pattern of behavior is 50% of the battle in changing it. Although it can be scary to honestly look at these things, often there are workable ways to make changes that will get you back feeling like your old self!

Chinese Medicine strives to see the whole picture of a disharmony.

What this means is body, mind and soul must all be in a healthy flowing state for true health. Through the lens of Chinese medicine possibly for the first time, your fatigue will begin to make sense. Acupuncture and herbs will start the positive momentum immediately opening up space for increased energy bringing the joy back into your life. This is where the healing begins!

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Kathy Castrigno, L.Ac., MS is a licensed acupuncturist and coach who has helped hundreds of people with chronic pain, stress and emotional blockages, and deeper life challenges.

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