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Chronic Sinusitus

Sinus problems challenge many people in the high country.

The dryness and high altitude of Colorado exacerbate most sinus problems. Are you one of the unfortunate ones who endure obnoxious chronic sinus infections? Do what is outlined in these 8 steps and there is a strong likely-hood you will experience welcomed relief!

  1. Avoid Antihistamines and Decongestants.

    Antihistamines might seem to give quick relief but there is a dark side. The sinus cavities need to be moist to be healthy. Dry sinuses are much more likely to pick up infections and the problem is worse here in arid high altitude Summit County!

    The danger with decongestants is a dependence on them. Relief is experienced but soon congestion is worse than when they were started creating a dangerous cycle of increased use. Both Antihistamines and Decongestants create a long term problem by damaging sinus tissue which leads to repeating colds and sinus infections.

    Alternate solution: Chinese herbal medicine formulas that clear mucous and inflammation while encouraging healthy moisture which allows true healing. Another temporary solution is Simalson homeopathic nose spray which opens up the sinuses without the long-term side effects and is moisturizing.

  2. Use a Neti-Pot.

    This is a small pot that you fill with warm saline water and passively irrigate through sinuses. Mucous with virus, bacteria and pollution debris is washed away. A neti-pot is more gentle and effective than OTC saline sprays and Water Pik irrigation systems. Breathing in steam helps too.

  3. Get lots of rest and stay hydrated.

    Sinus infections usually crop up in those tired and overworked. Taking in enough fluids is imperative at this time. It’s best to drink room temperature water or non-caffeinated herbal teas.

  4. Acupuncture is incredibly effective for treating sinus infections and stopping the cycle of chronic sinusitis.

    I really enjoy seeing the look on my patient’s faces when they feel the relief from acute sinus inflammation and headaches. Acupuncture is one of the best ways to get deeply relaxed in a short time. Acupuncture also actually helps to clear the infection and discourage future infections by building up immunity.

  5. Stop the antibiotic cycle.

    Antibiotics seem to clear infections but they often set people up for repeated infections. The immune system is lowered further with each course of them. Many people can completely avoid antibiotics if they do what is suggested here.

  6. Reduce Stress Levels.

    This is a major contributor to major sinus infections. Many of us only have an inkling of how much we are stressed. Pay attention to how you feel. You may think you have not time to rest & refresh but getting sick will certainly take up your time!

  7. Eliminate or greatly reduce sugar, refined carbohydrates and dairy from your diet.

    Do this at the very least while you are sick or feeling run down. In general, eat these things more sparingly in general to build up health. Load up on vegetables and lean proteins. Light soups and stews are great.

  8. Cold air is hard on sinus tissue.

    The best range for promoting healing is 65 -85 degrees. Although we live in a cold mountain environment take care to minimize exposure to the cold, especially heavy cardio exercise when in the throes of an infection at the beginning of a cold, or feeling run down.

Kathy Castrigno L.Ac. MS has been successfully treating sinus problems (including her own) here in Summit County for years. Download her free Ebook “How to Thrive in the Modern World,” a layperson’s guide to Acupuncture at www.FriscoAcupuncture.com. She can be reached directly at (970) 333-9027.

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