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Are you experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress?

Do you find a much decreased ability to enjoy life?

You are not alone! Unfortunately, anxiety and stress make us into our own worst enemies. The decisions we make with this constricted mindset often make things worse.

Although there are “chemical” imbalances that can create anxiety, it is often from a habit of repetitive negative mind patterns. Not only does life turn into one long struggle with constant confusion, it also takes a toll on our health. Studies say that 85% of health problems come from stress. If that is not compelling enough there is an even darker issue.

One of the basic laws of quantum physics is – What you think about and focus on habitually shows up not only in your head but in your outside world as well!

To address the chemical aspect of anxiety briefly; according to Candace Pert, neuroscientist, pharmacologist and author, there are molecules of emotion which are physical chemicals that circulate in our bodies. These molecules (neuropeptides are one example) create whatever feeling they correspond to. For example there are molecules for anxiety, anger, sadness and happiness. What controls the output of those molecules (chemicals)? Our thoughts!

You know it is ridiculous but you can’t stop that constant feeling of worry and unease.

One day it’s because you’re worried about paying your bills even though you have a workable budget and a steady job, the next day something else there is a new anxiety. It seems the mind will always find something to be anxious over. Its non-stop and you are most likely tired of it.

The good news is there are simple time tested things you can do to greatly reduce your anxiety effectively and naturally. All you need to get started right now is an open mind and willingness to try something new. Below are a few ideas to get you started with the new anxiety-free life that is possible for you!

1) When anxiety and stress intensify, start paying attention to your breath.

This is so simple; yet don’t discount the value of it. Physically blood moves away from the “fight or flight” areas of your brain and moves to the “creative” areas. As this happens you return to the “present moment.” Space and a sense of peace are created regardless of outside situations. This practice can be benefited from on a hectic day, on a walk, or driving in your car.

2) An effective, natural way to treat anxiety and stress without drugs is acupuncture.

Acupuncture works to calm both the physical body and mind. Most people report a sense of calm and feel more impervious to stresses that normally trigger anxiety.

Frequently a side benefit of acupuncture is improvement in other areas of health. Examples of areas of these improvements many of my patients experience are sleep, digestion and a better immune system.

3) Stay away from all non-necessary forms of negative experience.

This includes spending too much time watching the media which thrives on negative dirty laundry. Also be wary of anxiety producing books and movies. People who constantly rehash personal problems and negative news will feed your anxiety and stress. Instead read inspiring books & watch inspiring movies about those who have achieved greatness in the face of huge adversity. Maximize your time with positive, open minded people.

Kathy Castrigno, licensed acupuncturist, specializes in treatment of anxiety and mental-emotional problems. In addition to acupuncture treatment with Kathy you will learn anxiety busting tools that you can apply between treatments to put you on the fast track to experiencing the inner calm that would free you to get your life back!

Download her free eBook called “How to thrive in the modern world” a layman’s guide to Chinese Medicine at www.friscoacupuncture.com – She can be reached at 970-333-9027.

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How To Thrive In The Modern World: A Layperson’s Guide To Chinese Medicine



Kathy Castrigno, L.Ac., MS is a licensed acupuncturist and coach who has helped hundreds of people with chronic pain, stress and emotional blockages, and deeper life challenges.

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I’ve been sleeping better and my blood pressure is lower. Not only is Kathy a wonderful acupuncture therapist, she is also an amazing life coach.
- Pat Zanca Breckenridge CO

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How To Thrive In The Modern World:
A Layperson’s Guide To Chinese Medicine


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